What We Do

Wellness Overview

At Well FM, our objective is to provide our clients with all the tools necessary to achieve total wellness. Be it office space, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels and homes, Well FM caters for a vast array of clients who are interested in achieving wellness in their internal environments. We work in strong collaboration with the International Well Building Institute (IBWI) and RESET standard. These are the two industry benchmarks that have established the Wellness industry as we know it today.

As every client is distinct from one another, we believe it is important to establish strong points of correspondence before a proposal is put forward. After the proposal is accepted our preliminary audit helps identify our client’s current wellness status with reference to both the IWBI and RESET standards. From there, the necessary recommendations are clearly outlined in a report, guiding our client towards Well Certification. Our team consists of highly experienced Well Accredited Professionals (Well APs) as well as RESET Accredited Solution Providers (RESET ASPs) that can then advise our clients and take the next steps towards our Well Certification objective. 

It is imperative that those who are well-aware should achieve and maintain wellness in all of their internal environments. The significance of this revolves around a recent study indicating that 90% of our time is spent indoors on average in the UK. As external environments become increasingly volatile to our health, establishing a Well Certified internal environment is crucial to one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Our services can deliver positive outcomes in human health and well-being; achieving the goal of a healthy interior environment where occupants can thrive. Beyond the health imperative, there is also a business driver for an increased focus on holistic well-being. On average, staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of business operating costs. There is a growing body of research reporting strong correlations between individual workplace engagement and overall company performance. By focusing on the well-aspects of commercial space, the enhancement of employee productivity is evident.